Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day!It may be a little too wet and rainy outside today due to Hurricane Harvey to really go outside and celebrate so I decided to make a list of where I take my dog Kush, and where I like to shop for him. 



Red Bud Isle 

Red Bud is located in West Austin right off Lake Shore Drive. The best time to go here is early in the mornings on week days to avoid the busy weekends. There is a parking lot that sometimes gets filled up so try to avoid peak hours. This is my favorite of all the off leash parks in Austin. There are plenty of easy access points for your dogs to walk into the water! Some people do fish off the shore there, so just be aware that people are doing other things there but it is a dog park!



Barton Creek Greenbelt 

The "Greenbelt" has been one of my favorite hiking spots in the last eight years that I have had Kush. There are over ten miles of hiking trails within the Barton Creek Greenbelt. The water levels fluctuate throughout the year. The last time I went out there, which was mid-August there was not much running water. However with all the rain that we are getting this weekend I am sure that it will be full and running the next time I go down there. I would let the water calm and settle before running down there after a big storm, after a lot of rain it can be somewhat dangerous if you are not careful. My favorite place to get into the Greenbelt is at the Spyglass Access Point for two reason. One it is a quick walk down to the water, and two there is a Taco Deli right there so we can always get a snack after hiking. There is no parking lot there for the Greenbelt but usually I can find street parking really close.



Healthy Pet

I recently found Healthy Pet, a local pet store here in Austin when I was driving over to the Whole Foods off William Cannon. I feel like the staff are knowledgable about the products that they carry and they always have great recommendations for me. They carry premium pet products as well as local brands of dog supplies in their store which I think is really cool. Healthy Pet is involved in the Austin community, hosting animal adoptions along with other events held at their store. Since finding this store I haven't been to any other pet store and haven't had the need to! Check out their Instagram and website for more information!




Ever since seeing these Dog+Bone on Instagram I was obsessed. Their dog collars and leashes are hand made here locally in Austin, Texas. Each of their products comes with a lifetime guarantee and they have great color combinations! They are an Austin based business that gives back to the community and donates supports rescues. I think it is important to not only support local businesses but also back people who are doing good for the community and animals.  


Austin Terrier

Alright, when I found out that there was a Boston Terrier themed restaurant in Austin my mind was blown. Let's be honest, it is a little random but completely amazing! I mean I have a Boston Terrier tattooed on my arm, of course I am going to go eat at a restaurant that has one as a logo. Its a fun, quirky, local to Austin restaurant located in West Austin. We brought Kush along with us to get some cute photos. Great place to meet up with friends, get some pizza and think about how amazing your pets truly are. 


Austin is full of pet friendly places to take your dog. What are some of your favorite places? If you can, take the time to check out Austin Pets Alive Website. With all the storms going on they have an increased need for volunteers and donations.